M2 Logistics, Inc. is a leading, non-asset-based logistics company providing solutions that reduce our customers cost, meet specific service requirements and allow our customers the opportunity to expand their logistics capabilities with world class logistics technology. We service customers throughout North America, and have been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine in the “Hot 100”, a listing of the 100 fastest growing businesses in America.

M2 Logistics, Inc. has strong relationships with shippers and carriers providing increased freight/equipment options and greater flexibility to bring freight to market.

As a flexible non-asset-based transportation provider, we focus on seeking solutions that strengthen our customer’s distribution network.  We utilize thousands of carriers which provide greater flexibility when solving freight needs.  As a result, we will suggest the best modal option that achieves your service expectation.

Today, and every day, M2 Logistics, Inc. wants to be Your First Choice in Transportation.

M2 Logistics business model was designed to provide Mid-Market companies the same logistics services which typically are only available to shippers with significant freight spends.  These services allow enhanced Supply Chain Solutions through the use of superior transportation technology that incorporates:

  1. Electronic access to negotiated carrier rates for all modes
  2. Shipment/mode optimization, electronic track and trace
  3. Electronic tender
  4. Pre-audit freight invoicing
  5. Freight payment, reporting
  6. Engineered continuous improvement

These additional services have driven significant savings in the range of 5% - 14% for our customers and freed their resources to pursue additional savings opportunities.

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