Paul Anderson

As a founder of M2 Logistics, Inc., we had a vision for adding value to our customers and carriers by taking a long-term approach to our business relationships.  Our business is based on elementary principles; treat our customers, carriers, and our M2 team with dignity and respect, and to demonstrate the highest quality of service to our customers.

 During my 30 plus years’ experience I have gained valuable insight into many different industries, allowing M2 to understand the challenges our customers and carriers face every day.  Having led the supply chain efforts for manufacturing and distribution organizations, I gained indispensable understanding of the leverage points that drive our customer’s strategic plans.  Shippers think about on-time pickup and delivery, go-to-market strategies that create a competitive market advantage, and matching inbound vendor management and outbound shipping needs.  Carriers look at safety, asset utilization, driving operational excellence and superior service to the customers.  Our drive at M2 is bring these two worlds together to act as one for a common goal that delivers results that positively impact each other’s business results.

We know that our customers are the reason we come to work each day and do what we enjoy.  Each member of the M2 team takes great pride in servicing our customers in extraordinary ways by exceeding expectations.  Our business continues to evolve because the challenges that our customers and carriers face continue to evolve.  We will lead these transitions by listening to the dynamics of the market places we service and anticipating the next generation of business needs that separate M2 from others in our space.

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