M2 Logistics, Inc. is the premier Mid-Market Logistics organization in North America.  Our services range from Spot Market shipment management to 3PL Supply Chain Management of Customer Service, Transportation and Warehouse.  We deliver these services with experienced professionals that adhere to standard operating procedures that ensure perfect order management.  In the event of an exception our team shines by quickly identifying the defect, communicating the action plan and professional follow-up to execution.  Our company was built on the premise “Every Load Matters”, and regardless of our incredible growth we continue to live out our mission statement by delivering value to our customers, carriers, and teammates. 

We work with an ever-growing network of 1,500 carriers to ship freight across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Our dedicated team of logistics technicians are organized by region and trained by mode to maximize optimal cost opportunities, build strong relationships, and drive shipment logistics value.  When we commit to delivering a load, we move it.

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