3rd Party Logistics


M2 Logistics, Inc. has invested significantly in the area of 3rd Party Logistics Services (3PL).  At the very foundation of M2’s original business plan, we aspired to deliver technology driven logistics solutions to Mid-Market shippers.  Our team was at the forefront of the 3PL explosion and developed a skill set that was successful for large shippers and allowed them the convenience of having their freight managed in central repository environment to take advantage of consistent SOP’s that drove their logistics operation.

In the early 90’s the deployment of TMS technology for Mid-Market shippers would have been an expensive non-value environment.  In the past decade TMS prices have been reduced and middleware technology has become available allowing shippers the opportunity to utilize 3PL services at competitive prices.  M2 immediately responded to these market conditions and invested in flexible middleware technology complimented by TMS technology.  This market strategy has produced significant results for M2 customers quantified by transportation savings, resource efficiency gains, consistent reliable capacity, and the pursuit of additional savings projects identified by M2 reporting and continuous improvement mentality.

Our 3PL services offerings include:

  • Freight Management
  • Carrier Management
  • TMS deployment
  • Freight Payment
  • Reporting
  • Carrier Procurement
  • Engineering

M2 Logistics, Inc. would love to discuss your specific needs and help determine if a 3PL relationship would deliver the value expected to your Supply Chain needs.

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