M2 Logistics, Inc. Engineering utilizes an experienced team of internal professionals and relationships with external logisticians to drive a comprehensive logistics solution for our customers.  This approach provides the following benefits:

  • Experienced Internal team - has provided engineered solutions for many projects over the past 40 years. This team has developed an ability to meet with customers, evaluate the required result of the logistics project, create a Statement of Expectation that defines the project, technology required for quantifying the current state, defining acceptance of a future state that meets or exceeds requirements, and then define deliverables.  When this process is completed, the M2 Engineering team determines what will be completed internally and if additional outside resources are required.
  • Definable process – the M2 Engineering team utilizes a process that encompasses the entire project, keeps our customer involved in the process, and shares results in a consistent format.  Our external partners in the process are chosen by project to ensure the most experienced resources are utilized.  The process consists of:
    • Create a project Statement of Work
    • Define Deliverables
    • Establish Team
    • Gather Relevant Data
    • Build a Model associated with Project Scope
    • Share Model information with Team to verify consistency with current state
    • Evaluate Results
    • Define and use model on alternative scenarios
    • Communicate final results
  •  Execute Results – the M2 team will ensure that the results of the model are realistic and present a proposal for implementing the selected strategy if our services meet the value desired.

Engineering Services consist of:

  • Network Optimization
  • Private Fleet evaluation
  • Procurement for LTL, TL, Rail, Bulk, Parcel rates
  • Inbound Vendor Compliance
  • Continuous move opportunities
  • TMS RFP process

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