Freight Solutions

M2 provides various solutions for shippers dependent on requirements as determined by our customers.  These solutions include:

  • Spot Market Capacity – often chosen due to immediate capacity needs, a surge in our customers’ demand, or immediate need based on time of day, transit, or non-contracted capacity.
  • Contracted Capacity – provides carriers with committed rates and capacity to consistently transport product.
  • 3PL Relationship – provides a full range of services to include electronic middleware connectivity, carrier procurement, load optimization, electronic track and trace, freight payment, reporting, and continuous improvement.
  • Warehouse Management – is provided on those occasions when limited inventory is positioned to service a specific market or customer.  M2’s relationship with multiple warehouse providers identifies the appropriate location, and services at a competitive price to meet the needs of the situation.

Freight Solution Optimization is consistently performed on each shipment tendered to M2 by our Logistics Technicians.  The optimization performed helps determine how the shipment will be transported to ensure lower cost.

  • Mode conversion. Through route and load optimization, M2 Logistics’ Transportation Management System (TMS) solution will analyze orders to create the most cost-effective shipment mode and route available. We support all modes of transportation, including air, intermodal, less-than-truckload (LTL), ocean, parcel, rail, and truckload.
  • Continuous move optimization. By transforming separate shipments into multiple-stop trips, M2 Logistics’ TMS solution offers more desirable, cost-effective routes not only for you, but also for carrier, driver, and your customer.
  • Route guide optimization. Based on load factors, our system helps ensure carrier contract compliance and reduced costs. Our TMS has the most up-to-date information on the actual shipment volume managed by the carriers – even loads in transit. This data can be compared to contracted volumes, which enables companies to meet their predetermined volume commitments. The result is better carrier relationships and rates.

Freight optimization: It’s about the data

Part of having a best-in-class freight management solution is having the ability to manage data and turn it into actionable intelligence. M2 Logistics, Inc. will provide you with a central repository for all of your transportation data and proactively review this data with you to surface freight optimization opportunities. Regular analysis activities include:

  • Network design and order flow
  • Process change
  • Consolidation
  • Mode conversion
  • Maximize trailer utilization through cubing logic
  • Carrier tender acceptance
  • On time pick-up and delivery
  • Claims

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