M2 Logistics, Inc. offers customized parcel shipping solutions for any size company by utilizing unmatched expertise, developed carrier relationships, and industry leading technology.

Our team of industry experts has experience in developing pricing, carrier agreements, and parcel auditing solutions.  We don’t take the “one size fits all” approach.  This custom fit can include a mix of carriers and technologies.

Parcel RFP Management is a step process that has allowed our team to deliver results for numerous shippers with $300,000 or more in parcel expenditure.  Our team provides the following process to assist you with improving your parcel expenditure.

  • Identify existing contract expenditure and benchmark with known information
  • Determine which areas of your organization utilize parcel services and ensure they have representation in the process
  • Determine the goals of the RFP
  • Assist the shipper with the development of the RFP
  • Send RFP to carriers and provide help desk services
  • Evaluate responses and share results
  • Determine other scenarios to further reduce cost and share results
  • Upon selection of carrier M2 will review contract to determine if all negotiated services are in contract
  • Provide on-going audit services with new contract in place

Our services have assisted shippers with 5% - 20% reduction in parcel cost.

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