Sometimes the road to savings isn’t a road at all.  For your truckload shipments traveling long distances, taking advantage of the railroads is a way to save hundreds of dollars over standard over-the-road transportation.  Rail plus truck services have become a much more popular option as companies seek to reduce freight costs and lower their carbon footprint.  M2’s intermodal services can help.  We have excellent relationships with Class 1 railroads and a large, national network of trucking company partners to ensure capacity is there when and where you need it.

Service Drivers for Intermodal services

  • 15,000 pre-qualified carriers meet our standards for service, insurance, authority, and delivery.
  • Intermodal Capacity Network, in the event our customers request a spot market carrier, M2 works diligently to provide that capacity based on transit time, cost, and shipment availability.
  • Customer Assigned Experienced Service Technicians. Our experienced team will provide the capacity required to meet stated expectations by shipment.
  • 24/7, web-based shipment visibility so you always know the status of shipments.
We build our reputation one load at a time.

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