Mode Optimization

M2 utilizes McLeod TMS technology to provide load optimization at the shipment level. This technology is part of the shipment level management and is often utilized when several LTL shipments move into a region of the country and have the opportunity to be consolidated onto one shipment with multiple stops.  The process for performing the optimization is:

  • Define the shipment region
  • Identify the shipments moving into that region
  • The shipment consolidation tool identifies a realistic solution that takes into account, cost, distance, delivery date/time, availability of carrier, ready to ship status.

In this process, the loads selected are verified for compatibility and reviewed by the optimization technician to meet the criteria of cost and service.

M2 utilizes the mode consolidation tool when the volume of freight exceeds the capacity of manual optimization.  In many situations manual consolidation meets the needs of the shipper due to low volume, easily defined routes, and open receiving at the consignee.

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